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29 Mar
psychology of buying a house

The Psychology of Housing Market Trends

Psychology is a driving force of any housing market. It can influence bidding wars or convince sellers to only accept offers well over asking. Many even believe that psychology is responsible for people staying in the rental market despite having the means to buy a property. Whatever role it plays, psychology is a pervasive force […]

21 Mar

How to Gauge a Neighbourhood’s Appeal

When you buy a home, you are also buying a neighborhood, the place where you will spend most your social time and where your children will attend school. Before making an offer on a property, you need to check out the neighbourhood and figure out if it’s right for your lifestyle. Let’s review the best […]

Value in Low-Key Areas

GTA residents are always on the lookout for pockets of value in both urban and suburban areas. As the housing market fluctuates due to factors like population and demand, there are still areas that offer strong housing options, amenities and that is accommodating to different lifestyle. Most importantly, these areas are thriving and could increase […]

Oppono Sponsor

Oppono Lending Company is honoured to be an official sponsor of a special red-carpet kids event this Sunday that will raise funds for the Hospital for Sick Children. The event, being held on the same day as the 2018 Academy Awards, will feature an exclusive premiere screening of YTV’s new show Knight Squad. Children in […]

Be a Shrewd Negotiator

Understanding how to effectively negotiate is an important tool for home buyers. It can save you thousands of dollars or ensure that new appliances are included with your purchase.  While often overlooked, but the ability to successfully negotiate is useful and can mean the difference between a good deal and a bad one. Negotiating Tips […]

Will Fewer Canadians Become Homeowners in 2018?

The fallout from the new mortgage rules and interest rate should come to light in 2018. Per this Vice article, roughly 40,000-50,000 Canadians will not be able to buy a home this year citing a report from Mortgage Professionals Canada. The main culprit seems to be legislation recently passed that protects borrowers from overextending themselves […]

Decorating your House for the Holidays

The holidays are designed for family and food and quality time. It’s also a time where people like to celebrate publicly by decorating their homes with inflatables, statues, signs and lights. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, everyone wants to own the block when it comes to fun holiday decorations. Most popular Typically, lights are […]

Family Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is an eclectic city that pulses with a thriving tourism, cultural and entertainment scene. At the heart of Toronto, one will notice that it is built for families and offers so much in terms of education, social programs, and safe neighbourhoods. While many families eventually head north to the suburbs, there are neighbourhoods in […]

The Choice Between Variable vs. Fixed Mortgage Rates

After you’ve bought your home, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a variable or fixed mortgage rate. This is one decision that could have a significant financial impact and there’s no right or wrong choice. It’s heavily dependent on the market, interest rates, your financial situation and your […]