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The Truth About Closing Costs

Picture this…after a long and gruelling search, you finally find a home you love and are ready to move forward. You’ve cleaned out your savings and investments for your down payment and are waiting for your offer to be accepted. What is probably pushed to the backburner during this time is the cost it’ll take […]

The Pros and Cons of Preconstruction Projects

In and around Toronto, there have been lots of talk and publicity about the pros and cons of preconstruction projects. Some projects have completely failed with severe legal ramifications like that of Urbancorp, whereas others such as Pure Spirits in the Distillery District have turned into solid investments that were worth the wait. Preconstruction could […]

Townhome Projects We’re Excited About

Every year, it seems Toronto is green-lighting more and more townhome projects, offering homebuyers living options outside of the plethora of condos or detached houses outside the city. The one caveat is that they are heavily sought after and the market for them heats up fast. Here are a few upcoming townhome projects that we […]

Are Amenities Important?

Condo ownership in Toronto is at an all time high. If you’re considering this then it’s important to narrow down what you want, and what you’re willing to pay for. With most condos, you might have to sacrifice certain things like space and a backyard but you can receive interesting perks in the form of […]

Breaking Down the New Rules for Home Buyers

Last month, the Federal Government made sweeping changes aimed at protecting lenders from defaulted mortgages. These new rules were also designed to protect homebuyers from over extending themselves when it came to mortgages. Now, homebuyers have to shift their approach in regards to what they can borrow and how they search, but by no means […]

  Toronto is well known for its neverending supply of condos. Not only do they take up the majority of the downtown core, but they are also popping up outside the city centre and in suburbs. As a first-time home buyer, there are so many styles and price points available that searching for that perfect […]