How To Successfully Upgrade Your Property

18 Apr

How To Successfully Upgrade Your Property

Living in a small space, whether an apartment or starter house, forces you into being efficient. When you move into bigger digs, it might be tempting to throw old habits to the wind and indulge all your square-footage related fantasies. But before you surrender yourself to the euphoria of owning a bigger home, read these three tips to prevent any future splurge-related regrets.

Keep Your Credit Card Safely Holstered

If you aren’t careful, your credit card can turn into a weapon of mass destruction…to your finances. Just because you’ve got a shiny and bigger space to call home doesn’t mean you need to fill it to the brim with new stuff right away. After all, you have mortgage payments due every month, and those take precedence over that sumptuous L-shaped couch you’ve been pining for.

Instead, create a budget and take stock of what you need, such as replacing a broken fridge, buying a new bed or investing in a sensible kitchen table. After all, your house is an investment, so take your time and spend wisely in turning it into the home of your dreams.

One Room at a Time

Time and physics dictate that we humans must live one day at a time—we can’t fast forward through the winter just because we hate the cold, right? On that note, take it one room at a time when you are moving into a bigger house. If you can’t resist the urge to redecorate, attack the most-used spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.

Redecorating an entire home can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t used to the space. If you are planning on having kids, keep that in mind as you decide which rooms to focus on and which ones can be saved for extra space (or people). So, head to a wallet-friendly store such as Ikea to find good looking solutions that won’t break the bank.

Becoming DIY Experts

While moving into a bigger space is exciting, be aware that having a bigger house can lead to more problems. If you are used to renting, you won’t be able to call your landlord to fix any minor problem. Being handy can go a long way in maintaining your new home as well as keeping potential repair costs down.

If you are planning on upgrading and moving into a bigger home, Oppono’s mortgage specialists will help you find—and afford—the one of your dreams!