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The Provincial Government and The Housing Market

Ontario might be on the verge of a leadership change with the upcoming election. The Progressive Conservative Party (PC), led by Doug Ford, currently has a 21-point lead over the incumbent, the Liberal Party of Canada. While it is far from decided, it’s not too early to consider the ramifications. If the shift occurs, the […]

Why are First-time Homebuyers Maxing out a Budget?

The landscape has changed for first-time homebuyers in the GTA. According to a report by the CMHC, 85% of people entering the housing market for the first time are using their entire budget in order to make the purchase. This means they paying the highest down payment in addition to mortgage insurance and closing fees. […]

Update on Mortgages for the Self-employed

Recently, we wrote a post about how self-employed individuals can be approved for a mortgage. Self-employed mortgage applicants face additional challenges because they pose greater risks to lenders because their income can be unpredictable. Last July, self-employed people looking to enter the housing market received some good news. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) […]

Why your Home isn’t Selling

There is nothing more frustrating than putting your property on the market, then watching it sit there month after month without ever receiving an offer. If you have a property that isn’t garnering a ton of interest, it might be wise to pull it off the market and to regroup with a new strategy or […]

Investment Property Tips

For several years, the GTA housing market has yielded healthy returns to investors. There is always risk but for those who understand the process and what to expect, there is ample opportunity. If you are considering buying a property to flip or rent, here are few things you ought to know. Pay Attention to the […]

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

A person or family’s first foray into homeownership tends to open the floodgates for advice, both solicited and not. Dividing all the advice into a good and bad pile can be tough but there are some tips that first-time homebuyers should listen to. Maximize a down payment It takes a lot of time and sacrifice […]

The Expectations of Homeowners

The GTA housing market has had the dramatic flair of a soap opera over the last few years. Bidding wars, offers well over asking, a stress test and a dip in the market that sent a chill through mortgage borrowers and lenders. Amid all this, one thing that hasn’t changed has been the expectation of […]

In the Wake of a Real Estate Bubble

Is Toronto in the middle of a real estate bubble? Despite most experts being divided on this question, many can still agree that there has been a shift in the market. The question that homeowners, prospective homeowners, realtors, and mortgage lenders need to ask is where will everything settle. Historically, most market downturns have been […]

Invest in a Home that you won’t Outgrow

Buying a home takes money, consideration, negotiating skills and a strong sense of what you want from your living space. The one thing that needs to be included in your strategy is foresight. The home that works for you today might not be the one that works for you in a year or two years […]