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The Provincial Government and The Housing Market

Ontario might be on the verge of a leadership change with the upcoming election. The Progressive Conservative Party (PC), led by Doug Ford, currently has a 21-point lead over the incumbent, the Liberal Party of Canada. While it is far from decided, it’s not too early to consider the ramifications. If the shift occurs, the […]

The Election Fallout

Recently, Ontario held a provincial election that shifted power in Queen’s Park. The PC Party, led by Doug Ford, took a majority Government. In the same election, the NDP gained more seats and the incumbent Liberal Party was relegated to a mere seven seats. Now that the dust has settled, we can turn our focus […]

The Ontario Greenbelt

Ontario’s Greenbelt has been a hot-button election topic the last few weeks. It’s surprising since most elections focus on the economy, transportation, taxes, and housing. For an untouched part of underdeveloped land to gain headlines something big must have happened. Doug Ford, the Progressive Conservative leader in Ontario, announced that he was in discussions with […]