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18 Apr

How To Successfully Upgrade Your Property

Living in a small space, whether an apartment or starter house, forces you into being efficient. When you move into bigger digs, it might be tempting to throw old habits to the wind and indulge all your square-footage related fantasies. But before you surrender yourself to the euphoria of owning a bigger home, read these […]

10 Jan

An Update on Quayside

The proposed development known as Quayside—located near the Queen’s Quay in eastern downtown Toronto—will likely feature 12 buildings made up of residential, retail and commercial units. Part of the Google family, Sidewalk Labs is behind the future community that intends to revolutionize urban living through intelligent technology. Certainly, this new development will put pressure on […]

Why are First-time Homebuyers Maxing out a Budget?

The landscape has changed for first-time homebuyers in the GTA. According to a report by the CMHC, 85% of people entering the housing market for the first time are using their entire budget in order to make the purchase. This means they paying the highest down payment in addition to mortgage insurance and closing fees. […]

The Top 5 Neighbourhoods to Live in Toronto

In Toronto, we’re lucky enough to live in a city that has been named “the most diverse city in the world” and have so many different neighbourhoods to explore and put our roots down in. However, the more neighbourhoods; the more options. Let’s work on the indecisiveness, and break down the process of choosing your […]