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25 Apr

Tips To Safeguard Your Property

Securing your home and property from break-ins is vital to protecting both your family and your investment while feeling safe every day. Luckily, there are proven ways to ensure your property is protected that won’t cost a bundle. Common Sense Using common sense will go a long way towards keeping your property safe from thieves. […]

Update on Mortgages for the Self-employed

Recently, we wrote a post about how self-employed individuals can be approved for a mortgage. Self-employed mortgage applicants face additional challenges because they pose greater risks to lenders because their income can be unpredictable. Last July, self-employed people looking to enter the housing market received some good news. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) […]

Why your Home isn’t Selling

There is nothing more frustrating than putting your property on the market, then watching it sit there month after month without ever receiving an offer. If you have a property that isn’t garnering a ton of interest, it might be wise to pull it off the market and to regroup with a new strategy or […]

GTA Housing Market vs. New York City

In the U.S., New York City has always had a reputation as an expensive city for homeowners. It has its cheaper Burroughs and low-income housing, but the cost of owning a home is sky high. This isn’t just with respect to the beautiful, multi-million brownstones. The cost for the average person or family to own […]

The Election Fallout

Recently, Ontario held a provincial election that shifted power in Queen’s Park. The PC Party, led by Doug Ford, took a majority Government. In the same election, the NDP gained more seats and the incumbent Liberal Party was relegated to a mere seven seats. Now that the dust has settled, we can turn our focus […]

Downsizing your House

As people approach retirement, the common tactic is to downsize their home. A smaller home is more manageable, cost-effective, requires less maintenance and lets you turn an asset into a happy retirement. Here are some tips on how to properly downsize to maximize your property value, and how less square footage doesn’t have to feel […]

The Expectations of Homeowners

The GTA housing market has had the dramatic flair of a soap opera over the last few years. Bidding wars, offers well over asking, a stress test and a dip in the market that sent a chill through mortgage borrowers and lenders. Amid all this, one thing that hasn’t changed has been the expectation of […]

Make Sure your Home Survives the Winter

If you’ve ever lived through a Canadian winter than you know it can wreak havoc on a house. The roof can be weighed down by snow, the exterior can chip and peel from the rain and wind and the plumbing will be susceptible to freezing. As the fall months come to an end, every homeowner […]

Family Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is an eclectic city that pulses with a thriving tourism, cultural and entertainment scene. At the heart of Toronto, one will notice that it is built for families and offers so much in terms of education, social programs, and safe neighbourhoods. While many families eventually head north to the suburbs, there are neighbourhoods in […]

The Cost of Living in Downtown Toronto

The idea of living in Toronto tends to get squashed as life becomes more expensive. This usually leads to a move to the suburbs where life is believed to be quieter, simpler and more affordable. From housing prices to property taxes to transportation costs, living in Toronto can seem like a pricy proposition and that […]