Category: Mortgage

13 Dec

The GTA’s Investment in Infrastructure

The GTA led by John Tory has attempted to make a sizeable investment in infrastructure to meet a growing population and the needs of a modern society. An example of this is the Metrolinx Toronto Light Rail Transit project (LRT), which will serve to open up areas north of the city, making them more accessible. […]

06 Dec

Is the GTA on the Verge of Market Moderation?

The GTA housing market can be a volatile place for buyers, sellers and investors. It is a market prone to bidding wars, high prices and Government intervention. Recently, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) surprised many by predicting that the national real estate market would moderate over the next two years. For those in […]

29 Nov

Home Sales Data is Now Public

A recent Supreme Court decision could have an enormous impact on the GTA housing market. This ruling will make sales data public, thus removing a lot of the secrecy that shrouds transactions for both sellers and buyers. This brings to end a longstanding 7-year battle brought forth by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and […]

22 Nov

Why Choose Suburbia?

When most people think of suburbia, they picture two-car garages, uniform lawns, quiet streets, and spacious backyards. It offers a certain lifestyle that doesn’t appeal to everyone but it’s a reality for many who want to enter the GTA housing market. The reason it is such a viable option isn’t just because of the ample […]

15 Nov

Will the GTA Market Course Correct?

Many pundits and experts have been anticipating that the GTA housing market would experience a course correction at some point in 2018. Now that we’re in the last quarter of the year, it looks as if prices are trending up and that a full-blown course correction is probably not in the offering. Let’s review what […]

08 Nov

The Municipal Issue of Affordable Housing

In October, the GTA was gripped in election fever. Sure, there were several candidates but it was really a two-horse race between John Tory and Jennifer Keesmaat. In the end, Tory remains Toronto’s mayor. Despite the usual election rhetoric about crime and property taxes, the one issue that loomed large was that of affordable housing […]

01 Nov

Toronto’s East and West End Neighbourhoods

Albeit increasingly expensive, Toronto is arguably a great place to live for many reasons. Its multiculturalism is a significant contributor to making the city a consistent tourist attraction, in addition to drawing an influx of new residents all the time. Even beyond the GTA borders, many people consider themselves to be Torontonian, and for good […]

18 Oct

Fixed or Variable? The Pros and Cons

When exploring your options for a mortgage on your new home, there are a range of factors to consider. If you find having the choice in the first place to be overwhelming, it is important to understand what the differences between a fixed rate and a variable rate really are. This way, you can be […]

11 Oct

The Classic Debate: House or condo?

When looking for somewhere to live, there are benefits and potential downsides to the types of homes you can explore, ranging from your individual needs to the trends in the real estate market. The condo market seems to be ever expanding, yet houses are still widely popular in their own right. Here are some simple […]

04 Oct

Affording an Investment Property

In the current real estate climate, people who can afford to own a home may wish to go one step further and purchase a second property solely as an investment. This means living in their first home, but consistently renting out the second—ideally for a profit and ultimately to sell it later on for a […]