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07 Feb

The Technological Disruption to Real Estate

From listing apps to contract platforms, technology has changed the face of real estate and will continue to evolve every aspect of how people buy and sell properties. Technology streamlines a complicated process and every real estate agent and lender should be taking advantage. Let’s review some of the most exciting web and mobile applications […]

31 Jan
condo market

Toronto’s Impending Rental Hike

Toronto is a metropolis but living in the GTA can be challenging. Because of the mortgage stress test that was implemented several years ago and the overall cost of property, many have been unable to enter the housing market. This has led to a hyper-competitive rental market with no end in sight. As if rental […]

24 Jan

Should Millennials Look to Buy in 2019?

Over the last number of years, Toronto has become one of the fastest growing cities with respect to real estate prices. This has hurt millennials who feel shut out from the dream of homeownership. Affordability is a significant and widespread issue and one that has also extended to the rental market. The rental market has […]

17 Jan

Oppono’s Service Commitment

With so many options available today, it can be difficult to know where to turn and from whom to seek good advice. Our service commitment was designed to make this decision easier for people looking to get approved for a mortgage or home equity line of credit. Oppono offers borrowers many advantages, including experience, expertise […]

27 Dec

Another Benchmark Rate Hike by The Bank of Canada

In October, the Bank of Canada raised the benchmark interest rate by 1.75%. That’s the fifth time that the rate has been increased a quarter point in a few months.  It has reached the highest it has been in a decade, which is spelling some trouble for Canadian borrowers. To understand what this means for […]

20 Dec

Why are First-time Homebuyers Maxing out a Budget?

The landscape has changed for first-time homebuyers in the GTA. According to a report by the CMHC, 85% of people entering the housing market for the first time are using their entire budget in order to make the purchase. This means they paying the highest down payment in addition to mortgage insurance and closing fees. […]

29 Nov

Home Sales Data is Now Public

A recent Supreme Court decision could have an enormous impact on the GTA housing market. This ruling will make sales data public, thus removing a lot of the secrecy that shrouds transactions for both sellers and buyers. This brings to end a longstanding 7-year battle brought forth by the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) and […]

22 Nov

Why Choose Suburbia?

When most people think of suburbia, they picture two-car garages, uniform lawns, quiet streets, and spacious backyards. It offers a certain lifestyle that doesn’t appeal to everyone but it’s a reality for many who want to enter the GTA housing market. The reason it is such a viable option isn’t just because of the ample […]

15 Nov

Will the GTA Market Course Correct?

Many pundits and experts have been anticipating that the GTA housing market would experience a course correction at some point in 2018. Now that we’re in the last quarter of the year, it looks as if prices are trending up and that a full-blown course correction is probably not in the offering. Let’s review what […]