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22 Nov

Why Choose Suburbia?

When most people think of suburbia, they picture two-car garages, uniform lawns, quiet streets, and spacious backyards. It offers a certain lifestyle that doesn’t appeal to everyone but it’s a reality for many who want to enter the GTA housing market. The reason it is such a viable option isn’t just because of the ample […]

11 Oct

The Classic Debate: House or condo?

When looking for somewhere to live, there are benefits and potential downsides to the types of homes you can explore, ranging from your individual needs to the trends in the real estate market. The condo market seems to be ever expanding, yet houses are still widely popular in their own right. Here are some simple […]

04 Oct

Affording an Investment Property

In the current real estate climate, people who can afford to own a home may wish to go one step further and purchase a second property solely as an investment. This means living in their first home, but consistently renting out the second—ideally for a profit and ultimately to sell it later on for a […]

27 Sep

Update on Mortgages for the Self-employed

Recently, we wrote a post about how self-employed individuals can be approved for a mortgage. Self-employed mortgage applicants face additional challenges because they pose greater risks to lenders because their income can be unpredictable. Last July, self-employed people looking to enter the housing market received some good news. The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) […]

13 Sep

Why your Home isn’t Selling

There is nothing more frustrating than putting your property on the market, then watching it sit there month after month without ever receiving an offer. If you have a property that isn’t garnering a ton of interest, it might be wise to pull it off the market and to regroup with a new strategy or […]

06 Sep
credit card debt

Getting out of Credit Card Debt

In Canada, the cost of borrowing continues to rise leading to more household consumer debt. This consumer debt usually refers to credit cards, and it can cripple borrowers and families. If you carry credit card debt every month than it’s time to plan and execute a strategy to tackle it for good. It takes discipline […]

19 Jul

GTA Housing Market vs. New York City

In the U.S., New York City has always had a reputation as an expensive city for homeowners. It has its cheaper Burroughs and low-income housing, but the cost of owning a home is sky high. This isn’t just with respect to the beautiful, multi-million brownstones. The cost for the average person or family to own […]

05 Jul

Downsizing your House

As people approach retirement, the common tactic is to downsize their home. A smaller home is more manageable, cost-effective, requires less maintenance and lets you turn an asset into a happy retirement. Here are some tips on how to properly downsize to maximize your property value, and how less square footage doesn’t have to feel […]

31 May

GTA Market Stability

In the current state of the GTA housing market, prices are dropping and fewer Canadians are being approved for mortgages. Despite these minor roadblocks, there are signs of stability on the horizon, and the market is poised to strengthen as the year progresses. Let’s look at the GTA housing market and how it’s showing signs […]

24 May

The Fear of Pre-Construction

Recently, it was announced that the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre would be the latest condo project to be canceled, leaving buyers in a messy situation that could cost them a lot of money. To makes matters worse, the project was sold out and move-in was scheduled for 2019. As another failed pre-construction project (the total is […]