The Technological Disruption to Real Estate

07 Mar

The Technological Disruption to Real Estate

From listing apps to contract platforms, technology has changed the face of real estate and will continue to evolve every aspect of how people buy and sell properties. Technology streamlines a complicated process and every real estate agent and lender should be taking advantage.

Let’s review some of the most exciting web and mobile applications that buyers and sellers should consider adopting to maximize efficiency, drive the value of their property or to even help them negotiate a sale.


This app has over 200 million users and allows users to sign documents from any device. It has replaced cumbersome old methods like faxing and doesn’t require a courier or postal office. It’s secure and easy to use and automatically sends fully executed documents to all parties.

Your realtor should be using DocuSign to secure your signature on key documents. It will speed up the purchase process.

Magic Plan 

This app is a bit more niche but it allows people to turn photos into floorplans by marking the corners. Once you have a floorplan, you can edit and decorate and start to see how you can make the property more valuable or how you can add your own personal touches.

The app creates 3D views and users can export their floorplans. This is a great tool for real estate agents to use with their clients.

Canadian Mortgage App

The Canadian Mortgage app is a well-built and simple mortgage calculator that uses industry qualifies and the 2018 stress test. Its algorithm includes land transfer taxes and rebates. We recommend speaking with a lender to get pre-approved as no app can replace the opportunity to ask your questions to an expert in the mortgage field.

For those looking to learn more about mortgages or to get an idea of what they can afford, this app is useful.


BiggerPockets is an online resource that educates people on everything real estate. Users can find out about specific markets and gain access to analytical tools. You can also get connected to agents and vendors.

This is an education website for people who want to learn more and have the comfort of knowing what they are getting into.

Get Pre-Approved Today!

Online resources and apps are useful but they work best when you partner with an agent and lender. Contact us today to start the pre-approval process and we would be happy to answer all your questions.