Oppono’s Service Commitment

17 Jan

Oppono’s Service Commitment

With so many options available today, it can be difficult to know where to turn and from whom to seek good advice. Our service commitment was designed to make this decision easier for people looking to get approved for a mortgage or home equity line of credit.

Oppono offers borrowers many advantages, including experience, expertise and the ability to get people approved to buy their dream home.

Quick Turnaround

Oppono responds to inquiries and applications within three hours, letting people know if partnering with us makes sense. Our team also contacts you directly about your request for a mortgage to help answer any questions. We also aim to address any issues that may have arisen during your application process.

Our clients depend on us for this reason, as well as trust in our advice and assistance.

Dedicated Team

Since we strive to contact our customers and prospects within a short window of time, we are committed to hiring dedicated professionals who go beyond the typical workday. We aim to help you move forward with your mortgage application as efficiently as possible.

Our team is made up of business development managers who offer sound, helpful advice. Further, we have skilled underwriters who are reachable when you have further questions.


We pride ourselves on following up with customers and prospects like you as part of our excellent service and commitment. Oppono is a unique financial lender and mortgage provider in this way, because we care about delivering quality across the board. You can feel confident and at ease that you are in good hands—because we truly care about maintaining the solid reputation we have earned and continue to build.


Our team works hard to ensure you are always satisfied and content. We help you overcome any issues or challenges you might be experiencing to make the mortgage application and loan process smoother and simpler. As a result, we look forward to hearing any and all feedback you may have for us so we can continue to improve all the time.

Feel free to reach out and divulge any positive experiences or suggestions, so we can respond accordingly.