Toronto and Google’s Neighbourhood of the Future

Toronto and Google’s Neighbourhood of the Future

Recently, Toronto was awarded a heavily sought after bid to be the home of Google’s futuristic neighbourhood. This 12-acre section of Toronto’s waterfront will expedite Toronto’s transformation into a leading and world-class city.

Quayside is an enormous project. It will be heavily discussed leading up to its launch and will be monitored very closely post-launch. Success would mean more Google-powered neighbourhoods around the world.

It’s hard to believe that such a small area of a Canadian city will attract so much attention over the next several years.

What is a Google Neighbourhood?

Quayside is a partnership between Toronto and Alphabet, Google’s parent company. The project will be spearheaded by Sidewalk Labs, a Google subsidiary that designs and builds urban innovations. The goal is to help cities overcome their biggest hurdles. In Toronto’s case, it would help solve the longstanding issues of public transportation and waterfront development.

The proposed Google neighbourhood will revamp Toronto’s waterfront into something of a living experiment. Public spaces, residential and commercial components and impressive infrastructure will be implemented and examined for effectiveness.

Some of the proposed features will be the use of sensors to collect data and regulate environmental impact and noise levels. In addition, the neighbourhood could feature self-driving cars, no traffic lights or road markings and offer affordable housing.

Impact on Toronto’s Housing Market

The economic impact on Toronto will be significant. Tourists will flock to the neighbourhood and many tech businesses will look to Queen’s Quay as a potential base of operations. All the new residents and commuters will boost local businesses. And yes, this will all happen due to 12-acres of Google certified living.

The Queen’s Quay housing market will see a resurgence and the waterfront will become a more viable home to those looking to buy downtown. Quayside will hopefully provide a model for affordable housing that Toronto can duplicate.

Quayside is a reason for Torontonians and Canadians to rejoice. It’s proof that Toronto is a beacon for innovation and a city willing to bid, spend and adopt a “smarter” way of living.