The Best Artist Studios in Toronto

The Best Artist Studios in Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant city that both develops and beckons artists from all parts of Canada. Painters, sculptors, writers, designers and musicians need specific spaces in order to live and create and many see Toronto as the hub that can meet the demand.

Artscape’s Solution to Balance Cost with Space

Toronto is a pricy city and most artists experience inconsistent income and sometimes long droughts similar to freelancers. This might make a fit seem unlikely but with organizations like Artscape, whose non-profit goal is to bring affordable space to established artists, the fit is becoming easier. These spaces can be shared, private or even work/live combo spaces that offer rent, own and sublet options in some of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods.

Triangle Lofts

One of Artscape’s more sought after work/live spaces can be found in the Triangle Lofts in the neighborhood of West Queen West. These lofts were built specifically for artists that fall under Artscape’s umbrella. They offer both rental and work/live options that can appease a range of artists with different incomes.

The Work Lofts

Developed by Lamb Development Corp. and located on Carlaw in Toronto’s bourgeoning east end, this soft loft offers various suite sizes ranging up to over 2000 sq. ft. along with amenities that most older lofts don’t. The price typically falls below average for the city.

Candy Factory Lofts

These stunning lofts, spanning an entire city block, might have set the stage for future lofts when it was converted in 2006. Spacious and welcoming, these lofts are eye catching, functional and offer artists the space they need to ply their skills and trade.

I-Zone Lofts

Toronto has developed an interesting habit of converting manufacturing space into charming lofts that appeal to artists. Situated in Leslieville, these lofts are more basic than some but allow for personal touches and come with high ceilings and a feeling of vastness.

If you’re an artist living in Toronto or just scoping out the scene, rest assured that you’ll have options to find the best space to get your creative juices flowing. The trick will be finding a space that is affordable, can grow with your career and also reflects the needs of other parts of your life.